A Video Explaining How Distal Acupuncture Works Without Touching the Problem Area


When it comes to acupuncture, there are so many approaches we can take to help things like pain. Some acupuncturists will perform acupuncture needle into painful areas. Others will target only the ears for auricular acupuncture. I’ve found the best ways to tackle pain is distal acupuncture. Distal acupuncture was developed by Master Tung Ching Chang’s family lineage in Shandong Province of China. Master Tung Ching Chang moved to Taiwan when he was 33 years of age. He brought his special acupuncture style with him and produced miraculous instant results. He is referred to as the greatest acupuncturist to have lived. This acupuncture style has been rediscovered over the last 10 years by acupuncturists of the WestThe foundation to the acupuncture style been explored and new streams of distal acupuncture developed.

This is the foundation of the acupuncture style I use in clinic and it produces rapid pain relief. It can produce so much pain relief that many people think it’s a trick or it’s only pain relief and nothing else. This can confuse people because they’ve most likely never experienced such rapid pain relief and they wonder if it also fixes the problem. This video explains how it takes the pain away, opens blood flow and corrects health.
Take a look at the video on Advanced Neurological Acupuncture by my Rodney Capriotti from Western Australia
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