Health Food Antigonish

Health Food Antigonish

Find Health Food Stores and businesses that offer Health Food in Antigonish.

Are you new looking for healthy food options in Antigonish. This is a list of stores that supply health foods. As I discover favorite products such as grass fed produce, wild caught fish, vegetables growers etc I’ll add businesses to the list. You may see more search terms such as these in a different part of the health directory.

If you have suggestions of suppliers that you think should be on this list, just send me an email.

Health Food Products Antigonish

Sunflower Natural Health

A great selection of natural supplements, vitamins and minerals, green powders, vegetable powders, nuts, seeds, skincare, probiotics, nut butters, incense.


Health Food Isle consisting of natural skincare, oils, freerange eggs, organic milk, frozen organic greens, nutritional supplements etc.


Health food isle has nut butters, organic packaged foods,

Antigonish Farmers Market

Fresh produce from greens, grass fed meat, free range chicken, eggs, microgreens, fruit and vegetables.


Freshly made smoothies, soups and vegetarian health foods.