Acupuncture Brisbane

Are you looking for Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Brisbane Australia? Searching for new practitioners can be a daunting task, so this is a list of my go-to people in Brisbane. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner that grew up in Brisbane and am now living in Canada. As an acupuncture practitioner that actually grew up in Brisbane, it is important for me to refer friends and family for Chinese medicine. Below you’ll find my recommendations.

If you have any questions regarding Chinese medicine and acupuncture within Brisbane feel free to connect me through my facebook page.

  1. Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic: located in Toowong, the Ondol team offer acupuncture, Chinese medicine (Chinese herbs), moxa (moxibustion), cupping, biofeedback and remedial massage. Go to Ondol Oriental Medicine mEdicine website here: Acupuncture Brisbane